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Tile Installation Service

How we can help you


We work with a team of professional tile and bathroom installers. Whether a full install, renovation, or tiling an entire leisure complex, we have the knowledge, experience and skill to get it right every time by working closely with our clients. By fully understanding your ideas and requirements, we are able to complete our work with confidence and precision.


  • Modern & Traditional Styles

  • Bathroom & Wet Room Installations

  • Specialist Tilers

  • Commercial Tiling Experts

  • Tile Measurement Service

  • Tile Selection Advice

  • 100% Client Satisfaction

Skilled and Dependable Installers


We take pride in our work and treat every bathroom installation in the same way. From start to finish you will find our flexible and professional approach makes the process as smooth and ‘hassle free’ as possible. Plus our level of finish has led to an excellent customer satisfaction record.

Our professionals are true craftsmen with years of experience and high quality training. Traditional skills have been passed through the generations and modern techniques and methods of working have been added. We are at the forefront of high quality installation techniques which leads to a quick installtion with a first class finish.

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Advice on Tile Selection


The beauty of ceramic tile is the flexibility you have with design options, especially through the use of the accent pieces: trim work and decorative tiles.

The correct way of choosing tiles and accents is to first identify the room and its application, select the type of tile, then its color and shade, and then its texture and size. Finally, a layout pattern is designed, the trim and decorative patterns are determined, and the grout color and type are chosen.

Adhering to this process will ensure a smooth installation without any missing elements. Our professionals are happy to help you with selecting the best products and measuring to purchase the right quantities.

Bathroom Installation Testimonials:


    Davood and his team did a really great job in transforming our outdated bathroom into a modern bathroom.

He kept me informed of the process throughout the work and provided suggestions on various aspects with the final decision resting with me. They kept to time and were polite.

I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to make a change in their house or a similar setting.

Private Residence, Fereshteh Tehran