Choosing the correct Tool to cut Tiles - Comments (0)
Choosing the correct Tool to cut Tiles
Knowing the right tool to use to cut tiles in different situations is an essential DIY skill.
Grouting & Finishing Tiles - Comments (0)
Grouting & Finishing Tiles
Expert tips on grouting and finishing tiles. Be careful not to make too much grout at a time as it will harden quickly and become unusable.
How to cut a hole in tiles - Comments (0)
How to cut a hole in tiles
Sometimes you need to make holes in tiles to install some equipment. If this is done incorrectly, you are likely to crack the tile; but with the right tools and solutions, you can cut holes without causing any damage.
How to replace damaged grout and tiles - Comments (0)
How to replace damaged grout and tiles
After finishing your tiling project, you should make sure that the tiles are taken care of and maintained. Sometimes you may have to replace damaged tiles. Don't worry, replacing them is relatively simple, just follow these simple steps.
What are the color trends of 2020 and their impact on interior design? - Comments (0)
What are the color trends of 2020 and their impact on interior design?

Colours are a very powerful communication tool. They can have a great impact on people's behavior and their effect is influential from a psychological point of view. Have you ever noticed that the menu of restaurants usually use orange or red colours? Or do you feel relaxed when you are in a room wi...

How To Use Tile Spacers - Comments (0)
How To Use Tile Spacers

If you’re considering embarking upon a new tiling project and have been reading around for tips before you start then you may have seen the term ‘Tile Spacers’ being bandied around.

What exactly are tile spacers and why do you need them?

Well, if you didn’t know already and want to learn more ...

Essential Tiling Tools You Need - Comments (0)
Essential Tiling Tools You Need

Tiling can be a difficult and tedious job, but there are tools that will make it easier for you to do. We have assembled a list of tools to help you be successful in laying your tile, whether it is on a wall or a floor. All these tools are equally important, so we have put them in the order that you...

What is 'rectified' tile? - Comments (0)
What is 'rectified' tile?

Do you seek the ultimate in a tiled floor or wall? Where the grout gaps are so narrow it appears there is only one large uninterrupted seamless surface, absolutely level and flat?

Then you must treat yourself to rectified tiles!

What is a 'rectified' tile?

Rectified tiles are ceramic or porcel...

Toilet installation guide - Comments (0)
Toilet installation guide

Toilet installation guide

Whether you're installing a better-flushing toilet or resetting the old one after remodeling, these tips will help you do it faster and with fewer problems.

There are a few “tricks” that are important to the success of the job. If you are looking to purchase a new toilet,...

Moroccan Style Tiles - Comments (0)
Moroccan Style Tiles

Moroccan Style Tiles

We are constantly looking for ways in which we can create a more uplifting living environment. The options are plenty with everything from decor and lighting to color and accessories being used to add a fresh new look to our seemingly jaded homes. But there are a few unique...