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294,326 Toman / ㎡

Golden hexagonal ceramic with glossy glaze suitable for beautiful and modern design

38,850 Toman

20 * 20 bone tiles in different designs for use between cabinets

3,150 Toman

White matt stone effect tiles

332,324 Toman / ㎡

In white, yellow and red

192,675 Toman / ㎡

410,070 Toman / ㎡

307,650 Toman / ㎡

458,392 Toman / ㎡

154,350 Toman / ㎡

181,597 Toman / ㎡
Goldis Tile Factory

About Goldis Tile Company

Goldis Tile was established in 2002 with the aim of improving both the quality of products available and the range of designs to meet customer demand.
Less than three years after the establishment of Goldis Tile, the factory began production of a wide range of products that complied with and exceeded European standards.
Goldis Tiles uses the highest quality raw materials, production processes and quality control to produce market leading porcelain tiles in a range of sizes and finishes. To ensure the premium quality Goldis Tile use the latest Italian designs, production processes and machinery.